Art Director

Plongeon Film

At Blam Studio.
Directed by Fred Mortagne.
Creative Direction by Hermès Paris.

I really believe I looked at every pool with a diving board in Europe for this shoot. Once we laid eyes on this one we knew it was perfect, we just had to convince the owner to let us use the decommissioned concrete platform and to hide the enormous graffiti that covered the entire back wall. But the biggest challenge was the casting process: I had no idea that the impact of diving from 10 meters, even for an Olympic athlete, is such that they only ever do about 5 dives a day. We’d imagined we would be able to shoot dives all day, for days.

Fred wanted real long shots, no cuts, and it was important to us to avoid using amazing athletes as simple stunt doubles. This meant we needed to find women who ticked all the boxes of a model, and a diver. We found find two young women who were a fit for Hermès, Maxine Eouzan and Daniela Chillida. We’ll always be obliged to them for the way they rocked this shoot.