Little Gods

Little gods on this rock,
in this water,
burrowing into the sand,
into dust
borrowed from the universe.

Creative Director & Producer

Dyptich Lookbook

Scanning my face back in 2010 like they did at Scanwiches. I thought this would be a great technique to use on jewelry. Since then I’ve delved back into old music loves and was reminded of Tori Amos’s artwork for the album From the Choirgirl Hotel of 1998. Katerina Jebb’s work is amazing.

Creative Director & Producer


I can’t help myself, I’m still in love with gold and silver. These are all objects I made in connection with my brand at the time, Savoir Joaillerie.

In the first image you see my hallmarked tube, the 750 stands for 750/1000 or 18K gold. I used these to tag objects that couldn’t be stamped in a traditional way such as chains or very fine rings, it became my trademark.

Personal Work

Portrait of a Jeweller at .22

My teacher Billy gave me a small, impeccable joint and an assignment to stop being an asshole. He sent me to bed, citing the laminated Safety Guidelines hanging over the sink. Covered in silver and sand-paper dust, they stated: No flip-flops. No jet-lags.

I came back the next day with lipstick on and Billy pointed to a second homemade sign, also laminated. His index finger was missing 2 phalanges. The picture of Calamity Jane said: “I don’t have time to put on makeup in the morning, I have my guns to load”. He handed me my first blowtorch only a couple hours later. I didn’t wipe my red off immediately, but probably didn’t wear any in his presence ever again; I bumped into a New Yorker who I hadn’t seen in a few weeks and she groaned at the sight me.

Mexico mixtape, from memory: Ween – The Mollusk, Carole King – Tumblin’, John Frusciante – Curtains, something by Fleetwood Mack, David Bowie – Oh you pretty things, Three Mile Pilot – Year of no light, Johnny Halliday – Les portes du pĂ©nitentier, Pinback – Blue Screen Life, Brian Eno – By this river, The Sea and Cake- The Biz


Personal Work


Prop.: I come from a long line of virgins

Prop.: Frame of reference

Prop.: Hereditary migration


The Operation

Our dear friends’ young daughter was undergoing tests in preparation for her brain surgery. The frozen world of the lake and the water trapped under the layer of ice felt akin to the phenomenon of  this little girl’s absences, which could last for minutes on end and were in fact small strokes.

We edited it to feel like a trailer because that’s what the operation felt like, the buildup to a story we have yet to discover. She is doing very well now.

Julian and I improvised this shoot on an iPhone, the morning of the last frozen day of Winter 2017. The icy Weissensee features our friend Aurelie Silbermann. The lake was thawing and portions of it were already submerged in a thin layer of water, but she is an adventuress and a stoic. The film was edited and finished with Jonathan Peters, our Editor at Blam.