Production Assistant

Silk Waves Film

At Blam Studio, Directed by Thomas Campbell.

A dream client… the taste level at Hermès is so high, but they remain playful and inventive. I assisted Julian with Casting and Production, the film was shot in Costa Rica.
Thomas Campbell loves surfing and his art comes first: he wouldn’t abide anything remotely artificial, down to the last detail. The surfer’s boards were custom-made to their preference by their usual shapers, one in the States and one in Australia, using a specially laid out Hermès design. Their pieces are the most counterfeit in the world, and the measures they have to take to protect their designs adds to their aura. All the one-of-a-kind silks they brought to the shoot were carefully inventoried and accounted for at all times.

No Carrés were hurt during the shooting of this film.