Creative Director & Producer

Lookbook with Fredrik Altinell

Photographed by Fredrik Altinell.

Fred and I put this together on the basis of slight surreality and strong but romantic color-blocking. He hooked up the styling with clothes lent to us by UY Studio.

Jewelry shoots are always great fun because of the object and the body, the intimacy that happens when you deal with a small, symbolic thing. I was a goldsmith and this was my brand. It’s always interesting to see a project through from beginning to end.

Now there are so many great examples of good jewelry photography, but at the time I started it was still a very rigid, very old school world. All these Savoir lookbooks are still some of my favorites.

One shot in particular stands out, the Black & White portrait of @spyros_droussiotis. I included it here in large format (first shot). Spryos had recently moved to Berlin back then but he’s since become a sought-after fashion photographer. And a blonde! We chose to work with Jessica because we needed someone who moved with strength and grace. A couple years later I bumped into her at a fashion show modeled by dancers, where she gave this gloriously touching performance in a super dramatic setup.