Hallo Beauty Youtube Films

With Blam Studio.

Welcome to the trailer for a series of YouTube-style Beauty videos we shot with Model and DJ Alyssa Cordes for Zalando, who was so pro and super laid-back. She was not an obvious choice for selling makeup to a market that is more more Kardashian than Glossier, which we loved and felt would help shake things up a little. This was supposed to be the first of a series of 3 to 4 videos a year; unfortunately Zalando shuttered their Beauty Division within a couple months of it’s launch. We’d agreed on using a cast that represented the actual market diversity, and we were stoked at the prospect of making a mini-show, basically.

There was some ironing out to do but it could’ve been a really cool platform. I’ve really liked Beauty and Rituals since I was a kid. My mother’s makeup felt like an extension of my paints & colored pencils, and I still feel that way. Everybody has their own relationship to self-care and beauty, it’s a fascinating subject and I was super into it.